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PVLE in a nutshell:

Description PVLE is a small game engine (real-time visualisation/simulation engine), cross-platform and written in C++.
Features 3D, physics, audio and networking.
It uses well known libraries to acheive this goal: OpenSceneGraph (OSG), Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), Boost librairies, and more.
Platforms Tested under Windows and Linux.
Should work for many other (including Mac OSX, Solaris...).
Specific aspects Doesn't hide its dependencies (especially OpenSceneGraph). Light and easy.
Generation Uses CMake to generate project files.
State Still alpha but useable for games, visualization applications and simple physics simulations.
License GPL/Proprietary, but plans are made to turn it LGPL during 2010.
That means PVLE is open source, and use for comercial purpose is possible (symply contact Sukender to ask).

What is the difference between project XYZ and PVLE?

The project is opened to any developper. Feel free to use the forums and trackers, or to contact Sukender.


2010-10-xx - Made changes to compile and run library under MSVC 10 x64. Still missing gettext 64 bits dependency (pending). Also made some updates (now uses osgAudio, sucessor of osgAL) and cleaning.

2009-12-09 - Successfully compiled and ran library, exemples and applications under OpenSuse 11.2 64 bits (Thanks to Rizzen).

2009-11-16 - Tagged PVLE 0.2.3. Changes include fixes, examples and improved portability.

2009-07-01 - Refactored a bit the physics part of PVLE to make ODE less hidden (to stick better to the 'doesn't hide its dependencies' design choice). You may retreive PVLE via the SVN repository since no new package has been release (yet).

2009-03-10 - Tagged PVLE 0.2.2. You can now download PVLE as a source package or from the SVN repository.

2009-03-06 - Info about building PVLE.

2009-01-06 - Added a CMake build system to PVLE! Now it is much easier to build, and the script provides more flexibility.

2008-11-03 - Added precompiled dependencies to the site.

2008-09-24 - Site is a little bit enhanced, but there are still lot of things to do...

2008-04-16 - Site launched.


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