- Dependencies -

Used libraries

PVLE is based on:

Optionally, PVLE can also use:

See the 'download and build' page to see how to build PVLE with or without optional dependencies.

Precompiled dependencies

Here are some dependencies of PVLE, compiled from sources. I'll try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible. This page may include dependencies for any compiler or platform. Feel free to contact Sukender if you want to add here a dependency you compiled.

Boost 1.38.0 and 1.39.0

Compiled using bjam. Unzip the archive in your boost directory after having unzipped the source distribution of boost. Please use the partial build if you don't need more, sice it is up-to-date and much smaller.


Files should all be downloaded from the OSG download page on the official web site.

Nevertheless, you can access an "emergency" 2.8.0-rc5 "all-in-one" package (conatining anything, including doxygen generated documentation) hosted elsewhere. Please note this is a release candidate (yet stable).

ODE 0.11.1

Compiled with standard options, with dynamic linking (DLL), both debug and release, and simple precision only. The archive contains the standard source package and binaries (no examples, no unit tests).

TNL 1.5

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