- Download and build -


Get source from SVN repository

Simply checkout PVLE SVN trunk at https://pvle.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pvle/trunk or any of the tags in https://pvle.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pvle/tags.

Source packages

Versions marked as 'stable' are also available as a source archive:

All of these packages can be found on the SF.net download page.

Binary packages

Binary packages for PVLE are not planned yet. However they should come shortly, and certainly before v0.3.

Building PVLE


PVLE uses CMake to generate project files. Version 2.6.3 or higher is required. If you are not familiar with CMake, you may have a look to the CMake web site, or ask Sukender. Basically speaking, you have to alternatively configure (using CMake) and modify the CMake cache until all variables are correctly set, and then generate project files. Using the graphical version of CMake is recommended for beginners.


PVLE needs quite many libraries (as explained in the features page). However, you may disable some features to get rid of corresponding dependencies, by modifying CMake variables in the cache:

Feature CMake variable Dependency Notes
Sound PLVE_AUDIO osgAudio (either OpenAL or FMOD) Needs libogg and libvorbis when choosing OpenAL backend.
Use of OpenAL-Soft is possible.
Internationalization PVLE_I18N gettext  
UDP networking PVLE_NETWORKING TNL Currently in development
URL features PVLE_URL cURL Features such as downloading a web page or such
Introspection (currently refactoring this) PVLE_USE_INTROSPECTION osgIntrospection Features such as saving/reading key bindings in a human readable format

If you disable everything, then only OSG (>=2.8.3), boost (>=1.42.0) and ODE (>=0.10.0) are used.

You may download precompiled binaries for the dependencies from the dependencies page if available. Else you should compile dependencies from source or find appropriate binaries on your own.


Simply build PVLE using generated project files with your compiler or IDE.

For projects that depends on PVLE, you may use CMake scripts in /Utility/CMakeModules. They allow you to find and configure your project according to PVLE settings.

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