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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Physics::AbstractGeomAbstract geom is a base class for two geom types : standard geoms (Geom) and spaces (Space)
Util::AbstractPool< T >Generic pool base class which avoids loading twice ressources (like sounds) from disk
AmmoAmmunition class ; for all 3D-Phy that carries energy other than cinetic, and that moves too fast for the simulation to compute as usual
AutoDeleteChildCallback< T >Node callback that deletes direct children if an autoDelete() method returns true
osgParticle::AutoParticleSystemUpdaterA useful node class for updating particle systems automatically and that automaticlly destroy them when all particles are dead ; handles ParticleSystems that need to live after their emitter is destroyed
AxisControlRepresents a controlled axis (mouse, joystick
Physics::BodyWrapper representnig physical bodies (roughly a mass with coordinates and velocity)
Physics::BoxHandlerGeometryHandler for boxes
C3DPhyA 3D-Phy (or entity) is an object wich has physical and graphical properties
C3DPhyCallbackSimple callback (abstract functor) for 3D-Phy events
C3DPhyOwnerClass that owns 3D-Phy objects (but not its 3D and physical parts) and adds their parts to the appropriate 3D or physical scene
Util::Callback< T >Base class for callbacks that can be nested
CameraShake::CameraDataCamera data for the effect
CameraShakeEffect that shakes the camera, as for an explosion
CameraShakeParamsParameters for CameraShake class
Physics::CapsuleHandlerGeometryHandler for capsules (Capped cylinders) aligned along Z-axis
CartographyColorizatorUtility class that allows colorization of points a height field according to their height, with an cartography look
CloudParamsParameters for createCloud() - only supports standard sprites for now (will support billboard and point sprites)
CollectNodesVisitorNode visitor that collects all children of a node
CollectParentPathsVisitorNode visitor that collects the parents path to the root, always using the 1st parent
Physics::ContactRepresents data of a contact between two geoms (special joint data)
ControlerBase class defining a storage for control state and events
ControlEventDescribes a change in a ControlState and some other useful data
ControlEventHandlerAbstract class for handling controls (similar to a GUIEventHandler, but for PVLE's controls)
ControlHandlerAbstract class for handling controls and getting control data
ControlMapperInterface between input (keys) and controls (orders)
ControlStateA control state is a set of values describing at any moment the state of switches (keys and buttons) and axis
Physics::CylinderHandlerGeometryHandler for flat-ended cylinders aligned along Z-axis
Util::DG< T >Debug global variables storage - Very ugly but so useful!
DirtyDebugGeodeCallbackCallback that keeps track a dirty/clean state for PhysicsDebugUpdateCB
Dummy3DPhyA 3D-Phy without 3D representation that destroys itself after 1 step, and that is a copy of another 3D-Phy
ExplosionGeneric explosion class ; which is at the same time a 3D effect, an evolving physic object, and weapon properties
ExplosionParamsExplosion parameters, used for instantiation of Explosion class
FindBodiesCopyFunctor for combined traversal that finds bodies
FindGeomCopyFunctor for combined traversal that finds geoms
FindGeometriesVisitorFinds all geometries under a node
FindNamedNodeVisitorFinds a node that matches a specific name
FindTypedNodeVisitor< T >Finds a node of type T and stops as soon as it found it
FindVisitorPhysics visitor that looks for a geom (and keeps a pointer to the first encountered)
FixedManipulatorA manipulator which position is driven from outside, and that use an "EyePos, Dir, Up" frame to set the viewpoint
FixedMatrixGetterSimple matrix getter for fixed matrix or matrix controlled by external code
Util::FPSLimiterHandles data about frame rate and allow current thread to be put to sleep in order to keep CPU left for other processes on the computer
Physics::GeomEnhanced wrapper for physical geometries
Physics::GeometryHandlerAbstract class for creation and manipulation of physical geometries (Spheres, boxes, etc
GeomRotateVisitorPhysics visitor that applies a rotation on all geoms it finds
GeomTranslateVisitorPhysics visitor that applies a translation on all geoms it finds
Physics::GHChangeCallbackCallback for GeometryHandler, used on property change
Physics::SpaceTypeInfo::HashDataHash parameters structure
Physics::HeightFieldHandlerGeometryHandler for height fields
HudA HUD is a special node that displays 2D/3D information, and that already have an update callback
Hud::HudCBRelay callback
HumanMatrixGetterA matrix getter to move like in any Quake-like game, without the ability to get stuck to the ground (kind of "Flying human matrix getter")
IGeomCollisionContainerInterface that defines collision methods (for units, zones, ammo
InvKeyMapMaps strings to IDs for keys
Physics::JointWrapper for joints between bodies
Physics::JointFeedbackWrapper for force applied on joints
Physics::JointGroupManages a set of joints
KeyMapMaps IDs to strings for keys
lexical_lessLexical comparision functor for strings (Ignores caps, accents, spaces et quotes)
LightSourceManagerManages the users of OSG/OpenGL lights sources (which are limited to 8)
LightSourceUserCallbackCallback for users of LightSourceManager;
Physics::MassWrapper for mass parameters
MatrixGetterInterface that gives access to a matrix
Physics::MeshHandlerGeometryHandler for meshes - Somewhat tested, quite stable, but still experimental
MoveWithEyePointTransformTransform node that "moves" with the camera
Physics::NearCallbackCallback for collisions, used by World, wrapping ODE functionalities
Physics::World::ODEHolderSingleton used to initialize/terminate ODE when everything else is done
PhysicsDebugUpdateCBUpdate callback used to bind debug graphical objects to physics
PhysicsUpdateCBThis update callback binds physics to 3D by setting a 3D transform to a geom's matrix
Physics::PlaneHandlerGeometryHandler for infinite planes
PVLEGameBase class for a PVLE game
PVLEGameHolderSingleton class that gives current game
PVLEPlayerBase class for a human or CPU player
PVLETeamBase class for a team, that is to say a group of (humans or CPU) players
Physics::SpaceTypeInfo::QuadDataQuad parameters structure
Physics::RayHandlerGeometryHandler for finite rays (Defines a ray aligned with the Z axis (up), starting at (0,0,0))
RemoveStatesetsVisitorVisitor that removes all Statesets of a node and its children
SimulationSimulation parameters
SimulationCallbackContains callback method(s) for Simulation object
SimulationHolderSingleton class that gives current simulation parameters
Util::Singleton< T >Simple singleton class, not thread safe
Physics::SpaceSpace is a group of owned geoms, and a level of collision
Physics::SpaceTypeInfoDescribes the type of a space (Simple, hash-map based, or quad-tree based), with specific parameters
Physics::SphereHandlerGeometryHandler for spheres
SplitManipulatorManipulator that splits matrix getting/setting from events handling and that use two delegates (one for each task)
Physics::SurfaceParamsSurface parameters can define a surface or the way two surfaces interact when in contact
Physics::SpaceTypeInfo::SweepAndPruneData'Sweep and prune' parameters structure
ControlEvent::TEventDependantDataData of an event of a control, which can be an axis or a switch (union)
TracedExceptionBase exception class of the generic generic Pro-Vocation Exception
TrivialPair< T1, T2 >Trivial pair used inside an union (std::pair doesn't compile because it has a user-defined constructor)
LightSourceManager::UserData about a light source user (object, priority and callback)
Physics::UserGeomsInitializerInizializes all user classes (Singleton)
VersionRepresents a version with four integers, such as ""
Physics::VisitorVisitor for physics that traverses hierarchies
Physics::VisitorSmartVersion of Visitor that includes methods to ensures that traversed bodies & joints will be visited only once
Physics::WorldWrapper representnig the physical world

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